A Selection of Reviews....

You Rock!

May 2015


Hi Fiona,

Just wanted to say a big thank you for our beautiful weddin cake. It was a real show stopper. We had the most wonderful day and it has been a pleasure to speak to you.

Thank you

Kevin and Rebecca 


A lovely review!

April 2015


Every time we visit Whitstable we make a pit stop on our way home to take some of these lovely goodies back, and every time they have been gobbled up with not a crumb to spare! 

AND every time there is something different on offer!

What more could you ask for in a cupcake?!


Victoria x

Thank You!

September 2012



Hi Sarah,

Hope you are well? I've been meaning to email you since we got back from honeymoon but it's been manic at work!

Thank you so much for the beautiful cupcakes you made for our wedding, they looked superb and fitted in so well with our New York theme. I had so many compliments on them and people were fighting over the leftovers to take home! You did a great job!

I think rich our photographer is going to send you some pics!

Thanks again

Jackie and Rob

Mini Cupcake Favours

July 2012


Hi Sarah
Hope you are well, just wanted to email and thank you for the lovely mini cupcakes, they tasted and looked beautiful.  The little bags and ribbon worked really well on the tables.  We are moving to Whitstable soon, so will be in for plenty more cupcakes.

Kind Regards

Clare Stephens

50th Birthday Cupcakes

July 2012


Hi Sarah
Just wanted to say a great big thanks for the delicious cupcakes for my 50th Birthday Celebrations. All my guests thought they were fab and by far the best cupcakes they had ever eaten! I love Whitstable - and I love 'whats up cupcake?' !!!

Thanks again

Tina Williams xxx


​March 2012

Hi Sarah,

Just wanted to say thanks for the fabulous job you did with our wedding cupcakes, they were beautiful and yummy, everyone loved them, we got some great pics and well thank you very much!

Best wishes,

Jo x

Wedding Cupcakes
September 2011


Hi Sarah

The wedding cake was amazing thank you so much. There was only 4 cakes left, everyone loved them.

I'm sorry I can't come and thank you personally it's just that my little girl woke up with chicken pox this morning.

Thank you again

Love Sam  and Ian xx

Wedding Cupcakes @ The Abode
September 2011


Hi Sarah,

Thanks so much for the AMAZING cupcakes!! I'm just waiting for my thanku cards to be printed and will pop a proper thanks in the post to you, but just to say they were fab, everyone commented on how lovely they were and we managed to keep a few back for us over the weekend too!

Thanks again.


Cupcakes for Henry's Naming Day
September 2011



Hi Sarah

Just a note to say thanks so much for the delightful cupcakes you made for Henry's Naming Day. They looked gorgeous & matched the theme brillantly - you couldn't have got them more perfect. Everyone commented on how cute the cakes were and on how amazingly yummy they tasted :-). Really the best cupcakes I've ever eaten!!!! I'm sure we'll be coming back to you for birthday parties in the future. I took some photos for you & will email them over the weekend.

Best wishes
Zanna x

July 2011

See mail below… another fan..!

I have just `snuck’ (if that’s word) into the kitchen and had a cupcake…it’s absolutely wonderful…Gemma brought some in the other day that weren't a patch on these…
Thank you so much and please let cupcake lady know that she is the best….

Vicki Herbert-Smith

Baby Shower Cupcakes
June 2010


Hi Sarah
Thank you so much for the cupcakes. They were beautiful and the baby decorations made them even more special. The mom to be was very impressed.
Thanks again for helping to make the shower a success.

Inspiration & Encouragement from a customer right in the beginning....!
May 2009


Sent: 25 May 2009 12:29
To: sarah@whatsupcupcake.com
Subject: My thoughts....

Hi Sarah,

I am the American guy from Boston who bought 4 of your cupcakes yesterday on the seaside at Whitstable.  I am a self-designated cupcake expert, having lived in NY during the onset of the cupcake trend 10 years ago, and I have sampled more than my fair share of cupcakes from all the NY cupcake bakeries like Magnolia's and its spin-off bakeries like Jimmy's, Sunshine, and Buttercup bakeries. 

Your cupcakes were fantastic!  I have frequently been disappointed with the cupcake selection in London.  I won't even eat one if it has fondant hard frosting.  Then, there are the fancy-shmancy bakeries (I live near one) who sell cupcakes with no flavor for 3 pounds 50.  The cake wins up being bland, and the frosting tastes like a dollop of butter - not enough sugar, not enough vanilla. 

Yours (I tried the coffee walnut and the Oreo) were delicious.  The frosting was just as it should be - flavorful and sweet, not too sweet, but not just a plop of butter, either. 

I noticed all your different flavors on the brochure and they look really delicious, as well. 

Not that you need to change anything, but if you are interested, Magnolia Bakery has a couple of cupcake recipe books available on Amazon.co.uk. 

Again, you have a great product!!  Any chance they'll make it to London?  Please let me know if they do!! 


Jon Federman